Change For The Better

The simple fact is that solar systems are not cheap. Electricity prices are not cheap either – and they continue to rise at increasingly higher rate. The average homeowner is faced with a dilemma: continue to pay increasingly higher rates for electricity or pay a large upfront cost to go solar. Enter, [stage left] Rise Solar.

What if you could use a clean, renewable, sustainable energy source and pay less for your energy usage without the large upfront cost? Sounds like a dream, right? It is not a dream; it is a reality made possible by Rise Solar!

We want to use The Solar Times to educate people about all things solar, especially solar leasing. We are the first solar company in Florida to offer a residential leasing option and we want our current customers, future customers, and potential customers to know more about the benefits of choosing to lease solar. Solar leasing has existed in the United States for over half a dozen years and it has saved hundreds of thousands of people money every month without any up front costs. That is the beauty of solar leasing.

Here at Rise Solar, we want everyone to benefit from the sun by making solar accessible and affordable. We think you should join us in bettering the environment, curbing climate change, and saving money. It’s a triple positive!

Let us change the world together, one roof at a time. Here’s to change for the better!

Kevin & Eric
Co-founders, Rise Solar

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