How long is the lease term and can I get out of it?
The initial term is 20 years (240 months). You have the ability to buy out after 6 years and transfer the lease to a new homeowner if you move, so you are not locked in for 20 years come-what-may — there are ways out of the lease.

What maintenance is required?
Rain alone will generally keep the panels clean and maintenance-free most of the time. We use some of the best products on the market which should last the duration of your lease.

If the panels are damaged or stop working, who pays for the repairs? 
Our certified installer is responsible for any repairs.

How long does the installation process take?
The installation process will usually take a day or less and will take place on a day that is mutually agreed upon by both parties. It may take up to four weeks from the time a credit application is completed.

If my roof leaks, who will pay for the repairs?
Our certified installers will fix any leaks directly related to the solar system installation.

Is this too good to be true?
It’s not! Solar leasing is a viable financial option for you with no hidden fees and no unwarranted payment hikes. The savings are guaranteed and signing up is of no cost to you!

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